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5 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Hello all,I really enjoy coming to run in your event, It was my first half and I look forward to making it an annual event. The only constructive feedback that I have for you is that my family also comes to cheer me on, but for 2 plus hours they are in your beautiful town with no place to sit and eat. The pizza place closed very early I’m told, and there just seemed to be a very noticeable lack of street vendors selling Elephant ears, food, drinks, etc. So as enjoyable as it is for me to come and run, it’s difficult to convince my family to return. If you had a church group that would consider hosting a reasonably priced dinner this could provide some revenue for them as well. Anyway just a thought. You all do an awesome job please keep on keeping on. See you on October 22.

    • Hello Stephen,

      Thank you for the honest feedback, we appreciate it. We will review concerns, such as your own, during the planning and preparation for this years event. See you soon.

      -Hallowed Half Team & JAFTICA Foundation

    • Thank you for your input, we really appreciate it. More food vendors are a great idea and we will look into that. We look forward to seeing you again this year. Good luck with your training!!

  2. Awesome event. My 4th year in a row for the half marathon. I love the shirts and finisher medals. Fabulous!!! The earlier start time, 5:30 pm made a big difference. I would love to see a 5:00 pm start. Still would be plenty dark for the finish. Thanks again. Great time!!! Will be back.


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